Joint MA/PhD

Joint MA in Statistics/PhD in Political Science

Ph.D. students in the political science department have the opportunity to enroll in a joint M.A. program with the Department of Statistics. Students who successfully complete the program receive a Master of Arts in Statistics concurrently upon the awarding of their Ph.D. in Political Science. Admission to the program requires permission of the Director of Graduate Studies in Political Science and the head of the Political Methodology field.

To receive an M.A. in Statistics, a student in the program must:

  1. Earn a B+ or better in the four-course statistical methodology sequence (POLI 502, 504, 505, 506, 507, and 511);
  2. Earn a grade of B or better in six approved courses in Statistics, including STAT 605, 518, 519, and 615;
  3. Complete a major project that has strong statistical content that has been approved by the Director of Graduate Studies in Statistics (or another person authorized by the Chair of the Department of Statistics).

The full set of requirements for the joint PhD/MA program in political science and statistics are listed here and the form for plan of study can be found here.