The mission of the Department of Political Science, at Rice University's School of Social Sciences, is to contribute to the university and discipline through excellence in research, graduate training and undergraduate teaching. We train graduate students in modern techniques of social science research in three substantive areas of political science—American Politics, Comparative Politics, and International Relations—to prepare them for successful careers in academic research. We contribute to the liberal arts education of our undergraduate students with courses aimed at developing their skills in critical and analytical thinking and writing, increasing their understanding of political processes, and encouraging responsible and active citizenship. In addition, we train our political science majors to conduct independent political science research. We aim to prepare all of our students for successful careers in academia, government, business, law, education, non-governmental organizations, and many other professional paths.

Social Sciences Doctoral Students Overcome COVID-19 Challenges and Embark on Successful Placements Post-Graduation

The COVID-19 pandemic upended the world in countless ways, leaving no industry untouched. The world of academia made rapid adjustments to continue effective instruction and research, and nowhere was that more evident than at Rice University. Doctoral students in the School of Social Sciences overcame seemingly insurmountable odds, thanks to the support of dedicated faculty, staff and peers. Several recent and soon-to-be doctoral graduates in the School of Social Sciences shared stories about their time at Rice — interrupted by a pandemic — and discussed their successful placements.

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