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Kaitlin Senk

Areas of Specialization: Comparative Politics, Gender and Politics, Institutions
Dissertation Adviser: Leslie Schwindt-Bayer

Kaitlin Senk is a PhD candidate in the Political Science Department at Rice University and is currently on the job market. Her research focuses on the ways in which legislative institutions condition the political behavior of elected women. Using quantitative methods and an original survey, her dissertation examines variation in women’s substantive representation in Peru and Argentina. Specifically, her dissertation investigates the institutional conditions that either incentivize or constrain women in the legislature from working on policies that promote women’s interests. In her other work, Kaitlin has explored the effects of institutional marginalization of women’s legislative behavior, using novel methodological techniques. Kaitlin has experience serving as a TA for two sections of the Introduction to Comparative Politics course and is currently teaching her own course on Gender and Politics.