The graduate program in Political Science at Rice is of the highest quality. The Ph.D. program offers concentrations in a variety of areas, with specialties matching the expertise of our faculty. Class sizes are small, allowing faculty to give students individualized attention. Graduate students typically participate in research beginning in their first year of study, usually allowing them to make presentations at academic conferences during their second year. The program is designed to prepare students for academic careers, although some graduates pursue careers outside academia.

International Relations Student
Major Fields of Study:
• American Politics
• Comparative Politics
• International Relations

The department offers Ph.D. degrees in American Politics, with concentrations in political institutions (including the U.S. Congress, the presidency, state legislatures, and state courts), voting and electoral behavior, public policy, political parties and interest groups, or state and urban politics; Comparative Politics, with emphasis on the cross-national, quantitative study of political institutions and electoral behavior; and International Relations, with emphasis on the quantitative study of international conflict and cooperation. Graduate students will be exposed to a number of approaches to the study of political science. 

The department offers a variety of methodology courses, including advanced statistical techniques, formal and mathematical modeling and computer simulation. A joint Ph.D./M.A. program with the Department of Statistics gives our students with a special interest in methodology to receive further training in quantitative analysis and an added credential. 

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