Name Ph.D. Year Dissertation Current Position
Hiroki Kubo 2016 Organizing Legislative Parties: How Elections and Policy Positions Shape Intraparty Politics Assistant Professor, Osaka University
Fanglu Sun 2016 Divide and Concede: Territorial Autonomy and Ethnic Rebellion Assistant Professor, Fudan University
Aleksander Ksiazkiewicz 2015 Genetic Links among Ideology, Cognitive Style, Big Five Personality, and Executive Functions Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Seonghui Lee 2015 What Makes Politics Interesting? How Political Contexts Shape Political Interest and Knowledge across the World Assistant Professor, Aarhus University
Nick C.N. Lin  2015 The Electoral Cost of Coalition Governance and Elites' Behavior in Parliamentary Democracies Post-doctoral researcher, University of Mannheim
Naoko Matsumura 2015 The Effects of Foreign Audiences in International Dispute Settlements Adjunct Research Associate of International Relations, Graduate School of Law, Hitotsubashi University, Japan
Jinhyeok Jang 2014 Dimensions of Politics: How Institutions Shape East Asian Legislatures Post-doctoral researcher, Center for Asian Democracy - University of Louisville
Jaclyn Kettler 2014 The Right to Party (Resources): Political Party Networks and Candidate Success Assistant Professor, Boise State University
Matt Loftis 2014 Strategic Obfuscation: How Governments use Bureaucratic Delegation Assistant Professor, Aarhus University
Jason Eichorst 2013 Conditioning Descriptive Representation: Institutional Moderation of Unique Group Perspectives in Legislative Debates Post-doctoral researcher, University of Mannheim
Tobias Heinrich 2013 Strategic Choices in Foreign Aid Assistant Professor, University of South Carolina
Yoshiharu Kobayashi 2013 Implementation of Economic Sanctions Assistant Professor, Nazarbayev University
Renita Miller 2013 Minority Voices: The Representational Roles of African Americans and Latinos during State Legislative Deliberations Director of Studies, Forbes College, Princeton University
Tiffany Barnes 2012 Gender Quotas and The Representation of Women: Empowerment, Decision-making, and Public Policy Assistant Professor, University of Kentucky
Stephanie Burchard 2012 Authoritatively Democratic? The Functioning of Elections in Botswana’s Dominant Party System Researcher,  Institute for Defense Analyses Africa Program; Adjunct Lecturer, American University
Daina Chiba 2012 Essays on Durations of War and Postwar Peace Lecturer, Department of Government, University of Essex
Carlos Cuellar 2012 Latino Descriptive Representation in Municipal Government: An Analysis of Latino Mayors Director of Institutional
Assessment, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
David Fortunato 2012 Essays on Voter and Partisan Behavior in Coalitional Democracies Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University
Jesse C. Johnson 2012 The Cost of Security: Foreign Policy Concessions and Military Alliances Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Kentucky
Carla Martinez-Machain 2012 Aerial Strategies and their Effect on Conflict Characteristics Assistant Professor, Kansas State University
Akitaka Matsuo 2012 The Electoral Strategy of Legislative Politics: Balancing Party and Member Reputation in Japan and Taiwan Postdoctoral Research Officer, The Centre for Experimental Social Sciences, Nuffield College, University of Oxford
Ngoc Phan 2012 Anger In Action: The Role of Emotions, Competition, and Threat on Mobilization Visiting Assistant Professor, Davidson College 
Andrew Spiegelman  2010 Cartelization in U.S. State Legislatures Senior Data Scientist, The Advisory Board Company
Christy A. Aroopala 2009 Mobilizing Collective Identity: Frames & Rational Individuals Senior Research Statistician, APQC
David Goodman 2009 The Use of Statutory Control by U.S. State Legislators: One Step Closer to a More Complete Understanding of Legislative Control of Bureaucrats Director of Impact, Fluxx
Victor Marin 2009 Arms Racing and Conflict in the Third World Intelligence Officer, Defense Intelligence Agency
Juan Pablo Micozzi 2009 The Electoral Connection in Multi-Level Systems with Non-Static Ambition: Linking Political Careers and Legislative Performance in Argentina Associate Professor, Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México
Greg Vonnahme 2008 Helping America Vote? The Institutional Design of Elections and Recent Reforms  Assosciate Professor, University of Missouri-Kansas City
Gavin Dillingham 2007 Explaining Governments' Adoption and the Effectiveness of Urban Growth Management Policy Research Scientist, and Director of Clean Energy Application Center, Houston Advanced Research Center
Brent Boyea  2006 State Methods of Judicial Selection: An Evaluation of Career Ambition Associate Professor, University of Texas-Arlington
Johanna Dunaway 2006 What Makes the News? The Institutional Determinants of the Political News Agenda Associate Professor, Louisiana State University
Michaela Mattes 2006 Falling to "Peaces": Conciliatory Agreements and the Durability of Peace  Assistant Professor, University of California, Berkeley
Beth Miller 2006 Charting the Course: A Test of the Dynamic Implications of the On-Line and Memory-Based Models  Associate Professor, University of Missouri-Kansas City
Burcu Savun 2006 Information, Bias, and Mediation Success: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Mediation of International Conflicts Associate Professor, University of Pittsburgh
Paru Shah 2006 The Politics and Policy Implications of Latino Representation in Education  Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee
Navin A. Bapat 2004 Non-state Actors and Political Conflict Associate Professor, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Kevin Arceneaux  2003 The Federal Face of Democratic Representation: The Effects of Responsibility Attribution on Cross-level Voting Behavior and Government Responsiveness in the United States Associate Professor, Temple University
Martin Johnson 2002 Influences of Contextual Information and Social Connectedness on Political Behavior  Professor, University of California-Riverside
Bernadette Jungblut 2002 International Trade and Interstate Conflict: The Influence of Domestic Political Institutions  Assessment Officer and Executive Director, Programs for Academic Advancement, West Virginia University
Nancy Martorano 2002 Theories of Legislative Organization and the Development of U.S. State Legislative Committee Systems  Associate Professor, University of Dayton
Stacy Ulbig 2002 Subnational Contextual Influences on Political Trust Associate Professor, Sam Houston State University
Jeffrey Dixon 2001 Intervention, Capabilities, Costs, and the Outcome of Civil Wars  Associate Professor, Texas A&M University - Central Texas
Richard N. Engstrom 2001 Electoral District Structure and Political Behavior Associate Professor of Political Science and International Relations, Nazarbayev University
Allison Rinden Ownby 2001 Cycling and Recycling: The Effects of Group Context and Member Involvement on Social Capital  Director, Office of Educational Programs, University of Texas Medical School at Houston
Robert Hogan 1998 The Role of Campaigns in State Legislative Elections  Professor, Louisiana State University
Jody Neathery-Castro 1998 Regionalizing France: Decentralization or Trompe l'Oeil?  Associate Professor, University of Nebraska-Omaha
Holly Teeters Reynolds 1998 Institutional Change: The Mexican Chamber of Deputies  Assistant Professor of Political Science and Associate Dean of Liberal Arts, University of Mississippi
R. Bruce Anderson   1997 Electoral Competition and the Structure of State Legislatures: Organizational Complexity and Party Building Associate Professor, Florida Southern College
LaVonna Blair Lewis 1997 The Allocation of Distributive Program Benefits and the Maintenance of Interest Groups  Clinical Associate Professor, University of Southern California
Brian Posler 1997 Reaping Gains Through the Organizational Party: Delegation to Party Leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives  Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Baker University
Lisa J. Carlson 1994 A Theory of Escalation: The Use of Coercive Bargaining Strategies in International Conflict  Professor, University of Idaho
Garry Young 1994 Legislative Decision Making Under Multiple Referral  Associate Director, George Washington Institute of Public Policy and Associate Research Professor of Political Science, George Washington University
Andree E. Reeves 1990 Barden to Powell to Perkins: Leadership and Evolution of the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Education and Labor, 1951-1984  Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Alabama at Huntsville
Jeffrey Ryan 1990 The Dynamics of Latin American Insurgencies: 1956-1986  Associate Professor, University of Arkansas
Michelle Taylor-Robinson 1990 Bureaucratic Politics as a Cause of Government Growth: The Case of Costa Rica  Professor, Texas A&M University