Below we list the catalog of courses offered by the political science department. This list is intended to give you an idea of the set of political science courses that you will have the opportunity to take over a four to five year period of time. Some courses are offered more frequently than others. Check the Registrar's website for courses to be offered in a specific semester. Unless noted, all courses carry three credit hours. For undergraduate majors, the field of each course is indicated by the letter in brackets after the course title. The designations are:  [A]  – American,  [C]  – comparative,  [I]  – international relations,  [T]  – theory and method.

    Undergraduate Courses Regularly Offered:
T   POLI 209 Introduction to Constitutionalism and Modern Political Thought [T] (distribution course, group II)
A   POLI 210 American Government and Politics [A] (distribution course, group II)
I   POLI 211 Introduction to International Relations [I] (distribution course, group II)
C   POLI 212 Introduction to Comparative Politics [C] (distribution course, group II)
C   POLI 250/ASIA 251/SWGS 250 International Political Economy of Gender [C]
A   POLI 301 State Politics [A]
    POLI 305 Directed Reading I (hours variable)
    POLI 306 Directed Reading II (hours variable)
    POLI 307 Political Science Internship I (2 hours credit)
    POLI 308 Political Science Internship II (1 to 2 hours credit)
A   POLI 315 Elections and Voting Behavior [A]
A   POLI 317 The Congress [A] (distribution course, group II)
A   POLI 320/RELI 320 The Legal Framework of Religious Tolerance A (2 hours credit) [A]
A   POLI 321 American Constitutional Law [A] (distribution course, group II)
A   POLI 322 Politics of Influence in the United States [A]
C   POLI 324/FREN 324/RELI 476 From Decolonization to Globalization (distribution group I)
A   POLI 330 Minority Politics [A]
A   POLI 332 Urban Politics [A]
C   POLI 333 Comparative Legislatures [C]
A   POLI 334 American Political Parties [A]
A   POLI 335 Political Environment of Business [A]
A   POLI 336 Politics of Regulation [A]
A   POLI 337 Public Policy and Bureaucracy [A] (distribution course, group II)
A   POLI 338/POST 338/SOSC 301 Policy Analysis
T   POLI 340 Ancient and Medieval Political Theory [T]
A   POLI 342 Politics of the Judiciary [A]
A   POLI 343 Media and Politics [A]
C    POLI 345 Urban Lab Dubai (1 hour credit) [C] 
C    POLI 347 Urban Lab Shanghai (1 hour credit) [C] 
C    POLI 348 Urban Lab Buenos Aires (1 hour credit) [C] 
C    POLI 349 Urban Lab Istanbul (1 hour credit) [C] 
A   POLI 350 Urban Lab Houston (1 credit hour) [A]
C   POLI 352 Politics and Culture of Mexico [C]
C   POLI 353/ASIA 353 East Asian Democracies (distribution group II)
C   POLI 354 Latin American Politics [C] (distribution course, group II)
C   POLI 355 Government and Politics of the Middle East [C]
C   POLI 356 Representation and Policy-Making [C]
C   POLI 357 Democracy and Democratization
C   POLI 358 Comparative Political Behavior [C]
C   POLI 360 Western European Democracies [C] (distribution course, group II)
C   POLI 362 Comparative Urban Politics and Policy [C]
C   POLI 365 British Politics [C]
C   POLI 367 Transitions to Democracy [C]
I   POLI 371 Civil Wars [I] 
I   POLI 372 American Foreign Policy [I] (distribution course, group II)
I   POLI 373 War and Politics [I]
I   POLI 374 Strategic Interactions in International Relations [I]
I   POLI 375 International Organization [I]
I   POLI 378 Politics of American National Security [I] (distribution course, group II)
I   POLI 379 Problems in International Relations [I] (distribution course, group II)
A   POLI 380 Political Behavior [A]
A   POLI 382 Public Opinion, Polling, and the Media [A]
T   POLI 395 Introduction to Statistics [T]
    POLI 405 Senior Thesis
    POLI 406 Senior Thesis
A   POLI 417 Congress & the Constitution [A]
A   POLI 418 Seminar on the Presidency [A]
A   POLI 420/COMP 435/PSYC 420 Electoral Systems [A] (distribution group III)
A   POLI 421 Contemporary Issues in American Politics [A]
A   POLI 422 American Political Development [A]
T   POLI 429 Biological Foundations of Politics [T]
A   POLI 430 Seminar in Texas Politics [A]
C   POLI 433 Comparative Legislatures [C]
A   POLI 434 Public Policy and Metropolitan Area Governance [A]
A   POLI 435 Seminar on Money and Politics [A]
A   POLI 437 Education Policy [A]
A   POLI 440 Research Seminar on Public Policy [A]
T   POLI 441/ENST 441 Common Property Resources [T]
A   POLI 442 Subnational Politics [A]
A   POLI 445 Seminar in Judicial Process and Behavior [A]
C   POLI 450 Elections in the Americas [C]
C   POLI 457 Conditions of Democracy [C]
C   POLI 458 Gender and Politics of the Middle East [C]
C   POLI 459: Gender and Representation in Latin America [C]
C   POLI 460 Seminar in Comparative Politics [C]
C   POLI 462 Comparative Public Policy [C]
C   POLI 463 Comparative Political Economy [C] 
C   POLI 464 Comparative Urban Politics and Policy [C] 
I   POLI 469 Civil War and Terrorism
I   POLI 471 Politics of the United Nations [I]
I   POLI 472 American Foreign Policy [I]
I   POLI 473 The Craft of Intelligence [I] 
I   POLI 474 International Organizations - Theories and Practice [I]
I   POLI 478 US-China - Conflict And Cooperation [I]
I   POLI 479 Seminar in Quantitative International Relations [I]
A   POLI 480 Seminar in Political Behavior [A]
I   POLI 481 Understanding War and Peace
C   POLI 483 US- Mexico Border Issues in Comparative Perspective [C]
C   POLI 489/ASIA 489 Chinese Politics in Comparative Perspective [C]
T   POLI 490 Politics and the Arts [T]
    Undergraduate Courses Offered on an Occasional Basis:
A   POLI 238 Elections 2016 [A], Fall 2016 Only
C   POLI 238 Politics of Developing Nations [C], Fall 2016 Only
T   POLI 245 Organizational Design [T]
A   POLI 318 The Presidency [A] (distribution course, group II)
A   POLI 328 Latino Politics in the United States [A]
A   POLI 330 Minority Politics [A]
A   POLI 339 Southern Politics [A]
C   POLI 357 Democracy and Democratization [C]
A   POLI 401 State Politics Research Seminar [A]
A   POLI 419 Parties and Interest Groups [A]
A   POLI 431 Electoral Campaigns [A]
A   POLI 432 Urban Politics [A]
A   POLI 436 Politics of Regulation [A] (distribution course, group II)
A   POLI 438 Race and Public Policy [A]
A   POLI 439 Research Seminar on Southern Politics [A]
C   POLI 444 Practicum in Legislative Research [C]
C   POLI 454 Research Practicum in Comparative Politics [C]
T   POLI 461 Politics, Risk, and Energy [T]
C   POLI 466 Political Parties and Voting Behavior in Western Democracies [C]
I   POLI 470 International Relations [I]
I   POLI 475 International Cooperation [I]
I   POLI 476 International Political Economy [I]
I   POLI 477 Domestic Politics and International Relations [I]
A   POLI 481 Hurricane Risk Assessment & the Design of Evacuation Policies for Houston [A] (distribution course, group III)
    Graduate Courses:
T   POLI 500 Social Scientific Thinking I [T]
T   POLI 501 Social Scientific Thinking II [T]
T   POLI 502 Introduction to Statistics [T]
T   POLI 503 Topics in Methods and Data Analysis [T]
T   POLI 504 Methodology and Data Analysis [T]
T   POLI 505 Topics in Political Methodology [T]
T   POLI 506: Bayesian Statistics [T]
T   POLI 507: Nonparametric Statistics and Machine Learning [T]
T   POLI 511 Measurement and Research Design [T]
C   POLI 520 Approaches to Comparative Government [C]
A   POLI 527 Institutional Analysis and Design [A]
A   POLI 530 Approaches to American Government [A]
A   POLI 531 State Politics [A]
C   POLI 532 Comparative Legislatures [C]
A   POLI 533 Advanced Topics in Political Behavior [A]
A   POLI 534 Interest Groups and Political Parties [A]
A   POLI 535 Race, Ethnicity, and American Politics [A]
A   POLI 537 Public Policy and Bureaucracy [A]
A   POLI 538 Political Economy of Policy Change [A]
I   POLI 540 International Relations [I]
I   POLI 541 International Cooperation [I]
A   POLI 542 Subnational Politics [A]
C   POLI 544 Practicum in Legislative Research [C]
C   POLI 563 Comparative Political Economy [C]
C   POLI 566 Political Parties and Voting Behavior in Western Democracies [C]
C   POLI 567 Comparative Political Behavior [C]
C   POLI 568 Comparative Political Institutions [C]
I   POLI 570 Seminar in International Conflict [I]
I   POLI 572 Foreign Policy Decision Making [I]
T   POLI 574 Collective Social Choice [T]
T   POLI 575 Game Theory [T]
I   POLI 576 International Political Economy [I]
C   POLI 556 Regime Transformations and Transitions [C]
C   POLI 564 Political Economy of Development [C]
C   POLI 565 Political Protest [C]
I   POLI 579 Seminar in Modeling International Relations [I]
A   POLI 580 Seminar in American Politics [A]
C   POLI 581 Seminar in Comparative Politics [C]
T   POLI 591 Directed Reading - Methodology [T]
T   POLI 592 Directed Reading - Methodology [T]
A   POLI 593 Directed Reading - American Politics [A]
A   POLI 594 Directed Reading - American Politics [A]
I   POLI 595 Directed Reading - International Relations [I]
I   POLI 596 Directed Reading - International Relations [I]
C   POLI 597 Directed Reading - Comparative Politics [C]
C   POLI 598 Directed Reading - Comparative Politics [C]
    POLI 599 Teaching Political Science (1 hour)
    POLI 600 M.A. Research and Thesis (hours variable)
    POLI 800 Ph.D. Research and Thesis (hours variable)

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