Current Research Grants

The following funded research projects are ongoing by faculty and graduate students in the Rice University Department of Political Science.

Melissa J. Marschall   Collaborative Research: Local Elections in America Project (LEAP)  10/01/10-09/30/13 National Science Foundation

Brett Ashley Leeds   Collaborative Research: Interests, Institutions, and Foreign Policy Changes 09/15/09 – 08/31/11 National Science Foundation

Keith E. Hamm   Campaign Finance Laws and Lobbying Strategies in Connecticut 9/1/09-8/31/11   Rockefeller Brothers Fund

T. Clifton Morgan    ARRA/NSF: Collaborative Research: The Threat and Imposition of Economic Sanctions 08/01/09 – 07/31/12  National Science Foundation

Rick Wilson   Center for Excellence for Natural Disasters, Coastal Infrastructure and Emergency Management (NDCIEM) 01/01/08 – 07/01/13 Department of Homeland Security

Rick Wilson    RAPID: Collaborative Research: Recovery Spending and Citizen Expectations 06/15/09 – 11/30/10 National Science Foundation

John Alford    Collaborative Research: DHB: Identifying the Biological Influences on Political Temperaments 01/01/2009-12/31/2011 National Science Foundation  

Robert Stein     Evaluation of Red Light Camera Program 09/08/2008-09/07/2011 City of Houston

Randy Stevenson     Political Context and Political Knowledge in Modern Democracies 03/01/2008-01/31/2011 National Science Foundation

Lanny Martin     CAREER: Government Policy Responsiveness in Multiparty Parliamentary Democracies 02/15/2008-01/31/2013 National Science Foundation

Robert Stein    Increasing Turnout Among the Less Engaged: A Pilot Study of Election Day Vote Centers  01/01/2008-12/31/10 Pew Foundation