Randolph T. Stevenson

Areas of Interest: 
Major areas of research include comparative democratic institutions, party competition and organization, comparative political economy, and political methodology.

Professor Stevenson's research focuses on mass political behavior,cabinet formation, and institutional design in Western democracies. Hehas recently published articles in American Journal of PoliticalScience, American Political Science Review, Public Choice, and BritishJournal of Political Science. His book, entitled The Economic Vote: HowPolitical and Economic Institutions Condition Election Results(co-authored with Raymond Duch), was published in 2008 by CambridgeUniversity Press and won the Gregory M. Luebbert award for the bestbook in comparative politics in 2007 or 2008. His current researchprojects include studies of the role of incumbency in cabinet formationand a new NSF funded book project exploring the sources ofcross-national differences in political knowledge. Dr. Stevenson alsoteaches a number of graduate courses in advanced statisticaltechniques.
Randolph T. Stevenson
Ph.D. (1996) University of Rochester

205 Herzstein Hall
(713) 348-2104