Keith E. Hamm

Areas of Interest: 
Current research focuses on American political institutions, the politics of state legislatures, and the impact of campaign finance laws. 

Professor Hamm is an expert on the politics of state legislatures. His book, co-authored with Peverill Squire, is entitled 101 Chambers: Congress, State Legislatures, and the Future of Legislative Studies (Ohio University Press, 2005). The National Science Foundation and the Canadian Studies Grant Program funded his current research on the influence of campaign finance laws on state and provincial legislative elections. His most recent articles have appeared or will appear in Political Research Quarterly, British Journal of Political Science, State Politics and Policy, and Journal of Legislative Studies. In 2006, he was a Fulbright scholar and occupied the Research Chair in North American Studies at Carleton University.
Keith E. Hamm
Edwards Professor of Political Science
Ph.D. (1977) University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee

201 Herzstein Hall
(713) 348-3896