Justin Esarey

Areas of Interest: 
Major areas of research include political methodology, especially statistical inference and the analysis of moderated effects.

Dr. Justin Esarey is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Rice University who specializes in political methodology. His areas of expertise include detecting and presenting context-specific relationships, model specification and sensitivity, the analysis of binary data, laboratory social experimentation, and promoting thoughtful inference (and thinking about inference) by using technology to make methodological resources available to the scholarly public. His recent substantive projects study the relationship between corruption and female participation in government, the effect of "naming and shaming" on human rights abuse, and the behavioral implications of political ideology.

Dr. Esarey is currently the editor of The Political Methodologist and the Principal Investigator of the International Methods Colloquium project.
Justin Esarey
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. (2008) Florida State University

108 Herzstein Hall
(713) 348-2108